Appledore Clinic

Appledore Clinic, a private dentistry practice, asked Focal Point to help them with their campaign. When asked for feedback they answered:

“We were recommended to use Focal Point for our first foray into advertising on taxi cabs and posters at train stations. Both of these areas were not known to us, so we needed someone with knowledge of what would (and wouldn’t) work.

Appledore Clinic is a company that believes in excellence both in our own field (private dentistry) and in the suppliers and business contacts that we use. We are probably a nightmare client to have as we want everything as near to perfect as possible – and we don’t settle until we are happy.

Focal Point was fantastic, advising us when we found pictures we liked – what would look good in the size we would be using and what would not, also how much text would work best, why our original design had too much text etc. They were very patient and explained every step of the way. When we asked for various options – change this, change that – they were only too happy to do so. We would recommend Focal Point to anyone who wants the best and knows the best when they see it.”

If you would like to discuss your advertising requirements, then please call the Focal Point team on 01256 767837.